No. 13 - Chatsworth Soy Wax Candle

No. 13 - Chatsworth Soy Wax Candle

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No. 13 - Chatsworth

Setting: Hot and sunbaked

Scent Profile: warm sagebrush, cedar, lavender and sage.

Chatsworth is a hot and dry city. It was once inhabited by indigenous peoples and then taken over by Spanish colonizers. There are caves protected by the state that have ancient cave paintings left behind by native civilizations. Stoney Point, a popular hiking spot, was the site of a popular trading place with the neighboring tribes of the Tongva-Fernandeño, Chumash-Venturaño and Tataviam-Fernandeño. This scent is inspired by Chatsworth’s history and warm landscape.


12 Ounce Matte White Jar - 60 hour burn time