No. 12 - Lake Balboa Park Soy Wax Candle

No. 12 - Lake Balboa Park Soy Wax Candle

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No. 12 - Lake Balboa Park

Setting: Afternoon at the park.

Scent Profile: Fresh water, ozone, musk and bamboo.

Balboa Park is the park of the valley. It’s the park you had your 5th birthday at, where you’ve done Easter egg hunts, attended friend’s baby showers, exercised, learned to ride your bike, and where you flew your kite on the grassy hills where wildflowers occasionally bloom. Balboa is an 80 acre park where you can do countless things including fishing and boating on the lake. The park has a 27 acre lake that is filled with reclaimed water. A local oasis.

 12 Ounce Matte White Jar - 60 hour burn time