Like, duh!

Proud Valley kids, Michelle and Michael met at their hometown university, Cal State Northridge, circa 2010. CSUN actually inspired the first scent ever created by VGA, 01. - Northridge. Fast forward to 2019, in need of a creative outlet and attempting entrepreneurship, Valley Girl Apothecary was born.

Hi Y'all. Valley Girl Apothecary (VGA) stemmed from an idea that we thought would be cute at best but never did we think it would be received with such love and support! The connections we've made with the community are incredible! Not only with Valley peeps but with people as far as Germany and Japan! We are so grateful for YOU.

We look forward to creating more mesmerizing scents to represent where we're from, the San Fernando Valley as well as other fun passion projects! 

Check out our homepage to read some of the features we've been in and learn more about us!